Desert Safari with Kids: Tips and Tricks for a Family-Friendly Adventure

When it comes to family adventures, a desert safari in Dubai can be an exciting and educational experience for kids of all ages. Arabian Adventures family-friendly desert safaris are tailored to accommodate children, making it an ideal choice for a memorable family outing. In this guide, we’ll provide tips and tricks to ensure your desert safari with kids is a fun and enjoyable adventure.

Choose the Right Safari:

Opt for a family-friendly desert safari package offered by Arabian Adventures. These packages are designed with children in mind and include activities that are both entertaining and safe.

Sun Protection:

The desert sun can be intense, so ensure your kids are well-protected with sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and lightweight clothing. Arabian Adventures provides shaded areas to keep cool.


Stay hydrated throughout the safari. Arabian Adventures offers refreshments, so make sure your kids drink enough water to stay energized.

Comfortable Clothing:

Dress your children in comfortable and breathable clothing suitable for the desert climate. Arabian Adventures provides the option to wear traditional Arabic clothing for added fun.

Educational Experience:

Engage your children with the educational aspects of the desert. Arabian Adventures’ knowledgeable guides can teach kids about the desert’s flora and fauna, as well as its cultural significance.

Camel Rides:

Children often love the experience of riding camels. Arabian Adventures offers camel rides that are safe and enjoyable for kids.

Sand Play:

Let your kids explore the soft sands of the desert. Arabian Adventures’ family-friendly packages often include opportunities for sandcastle building and dune play.

Interactive Entertainment:

Enjoy traditional entertainment that captivates kids, such as enchanting music and mesmerizing belly dance performances.


Encourage your children to take photos and capture the desert’s beauty. Arabian Adventures provides ample opportunities for stunning family snapshots.

Snacks and Meals:

Arabian Adventures offers snacks and meals during the safari, ensuring that your kids are well-fed and satisfied.

Safety Precautions:

Always follow safety instructions provided by your guide and Arabian Adventures. The safety of your family is a top priority.

Nighttime Stargazing:

Experience the celestial wonders of the desert at night. Arabian Adventures often includes stargazing opportunities in their family-friendly desert safaris.

A desert safari with kids is not just an adventure; it’s a chance to create lasting memories with your family. Arabian Adventures’ family-friendly packages are designed to ensure that both parents and children have an unforgettable and safe experience in the Dubai desert. It’s an opportunity for family bonding and exploration, making your desert safari a remarkable and enjoyable adventure for everyone. Book your trip with Arabian adventures.

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